Domino (DM1) 4″ – Woven Black

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This stylish case has two separate compartments. The top compartment is lined with our, signature extra padding. The bottom compartment is padded, with a small pocket and elastic straps. 

Dimensions: 4″x2.5″x1″

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3 reviews for Domino (DM1) 4″ – Woven Black

  1. Joe Canna

    I got the larger, blue, 7inch version of this as a gift several years ago. They don’t seem to offer that version anymore, but this one here is exactly the same, with the two pockets and the same little compartments on each side.

    Anyway, I LOVE this case. It is a perfect carrying case. I bring it everywhere. The padding is amazing; soft on the inside, durable on the outside, and in between there’s some thick plastic inside the cushioned pads. The size is great (albeit I can’t speak for the 5inch version); I fit tiny pipes, vapes and batteries, and herb containers in this bag.

    My only small complaint with this is that the stretchy “bands” that you can fit pipes into will eventually loosen out and lose their tightness if you fit in too many objects… that is, it doesn’t “retract” back to its original size, making it too loose. I don’t even use those bands anymore.

  2. Mario U. (verified owner)

    I bought this case for my health stone glass. This case lasted me over a year before it started showing wear and that was only because of the residue from the concentrates. This case holds my piece, lighter buncha small dab tools and 4 concentrate containers. I’m writing this review as I purchase my next one.

  3. Jon Williams

    The first Vatra case I ever purchased! So much space to store your stuff in such a small area. I love all the different fabrics/textures you can get all the cases in. So sleek, so sly 😉

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